No time to exercise? No problem! With fold-out exercise charts and an exercise DVD, the 15-Minute Fitness Series gives readers everything they need to squeeze regular exercise sessions into even the most hectic day. Forget gyms, expensive home equipment, and hours of punishing fitness regimes! With the 15 Minute Calorie Burn Workout you’ll have a leaner body in no time.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have seven of the 15 Minute Workout DVDs, and this is the only one I come back to time and again. I am a beginner exerciser — I run occasionally, I climb stairs occasionally, go for longer walks (3-5 miles) occasionally, and do body weight exercises (pushups, squats, lunges, etc) occasionally. This DVD, however, kicks my butt! There’s really a lot of workout packed into these four different 15-minute workouts, especially the Boxing one (my absolute favorite for really working up a sweat). I…

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