Save with our 2 PACK SPECIALS! Bicycle inner tubes with standard SCHRADER Regular Valve. Sunlite tubes are high quality tubes at an affordable price. These tubes work on all brands and genres of bicycles. Replacement inner tube for road, recumbent, triathalon, mountain, single speed fixies, cruiser or any bicycle tire with the same tire dimensions. Be sure to verify the valve type and length. Remember to always add a little air (to give the tube form) to the new inner tube before installing. This will prevent it from bunching up and/or causing a pinch flat or possibly blowing the tire off the rim (when you immediately and fully inflate) which ultimately will pop the tube.

Product Features

  • 2 Tubes, 26 x 1.75-1.95 – 32mm, Schrader Regular Valve, Sunlite
  • 32mm Schrader Valve
  • Please check the side of your tire or on your old inner tube for the proper size, valve type and valve length.
  • When changing your bicycle inner tube ALWAYS be sure to add just a little air to the tube before installing. This gives it form so it doesn’t get twisted or bunch up which may cause a pinch flat. Once the new tube is installed and BEFORE fully inflating only add a few PSI to further form the tube. Inspect for an even bead of the tire to the rim on both sides.
  • Then, inflate to approximately half the desired PSI and re-inspect the tire bead to the rim again. If even beading all the way around on both sides then inflate to the recommended air pressure. This procedure is important because if the bead doesn’t hook properly on the rim then as the inner tube is inflated it can sneak out between the tire and rim and then BOOM!


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  1. S Tidwell

    Sunlite 26 x 2.35-2.75 heavy duty tubes I am so happy with these tubes. They fit my new 26 x 2.40 tires great, they are heavy duty, thick so by themselves would be better for puncture protection than ordinary tubes. I added Slime on installation then took my first ride with my new CST Rock Hawk 26 x 2.40 tires. I am a happy rider now. I needed to replace my 26 x 2.30 tire and installed a 26 x 1.95 that I had sitting around. I didn’t like that at all so I ordered new 2.40 tires and tubes and now I am back to happy riding. I…

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