QUALITY & A COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST: Pure Acres Farm is known for our high quality products, A+ service, and product integrity. When you ad your high quality lip balm containers to your cart, you are ordering a high-quality product, backed by a solid 120-day guarantee.

THESE 50 CONTAINERS ARE THE BALM: Whether you’re using these high-quality lip balm containers for lip gloss, DYI homemade projects, waxes, or lip balm, you’ll instantly know that you’re using a superior product the moment you use it. The perfect containers for natural, organic, and homemade lip balms.

LIP BALM CONTAINER USE: Once your lip balm is ready for use, simply pull open the cap. This will expose your beautiful melody of waxes, butters, oils, and subtle aromas of your lip balm. Next, gently glide your lip balm over your lips, around and around until you feel your lips well covered. Now press your lips together back and fourth, spreading your pure lip balm goodness on your lips. You may feel the subtle moisturizing and tingling sensations surrounding your lips. Repeat as many times as necessary to reach desired level of moisturization.

Product Features

  • 50 QUALITY LIP BALM CONTAINERS: These empty lip balm containers feature a push wheel mechanism to effortlessly push your lip balm to the top for quick and easy product application to your lips. The slim, skinny, and round containers are perfect for lip balms, crafts, and can be reused over and over again. (Boil in water for 2-3 minutes, remove excess lip balm with Q-tip.)
  • WHY SETTLE FOR 2ND BEST? You’ve worked hard making your homemade DIY lip balm, so why settle for cheap or discount lip balm containers with loose caps or lids when you can have the best? These small, 3/16 oz (5.5ml) clear tubes come with caps that are smooth and tight-fitting to ensure your lip balm stays safe with zero leaks or messes. Perfect for natural, organic, or other types of lip balm.
  • PERFECT FOR DIY HOMEMADE LIP BALM: Whether you’re making lip balm using: beeswax, soy wax, peppermint, hemp, honey, shea, glitter, chocolate, coconut oil, or essential oils, you’ll instantly fall in love with how easy and reliable these containers for lip balm are. And yes, they’re perfect for adding your own labels on the clear, empty tube right below the snap-on lids. Your #1 choice, guaranteed.
  • 120 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Pure Acres Farm is a family owned and operated business based in Denver, Colorado USA. Our mission is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your Lip Balm tubes and your purchase today. In fact, if you are not happy or completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply return the used and/or unused containers, and we will send you 100% of your money back.
  • SHOCKING LIP BALM USES: Others use these lip balm for: Minimizing fine lines around eyes, stuck zippers, an improvised candle, stuck ring removal, cuts from shaving, relieve itchy dry patches on hands, substitute for cuticle cream, settle a rogue eyebrow, add a beautiful shine to your cheekbones, on your nose when you have a cold, tame a wild hair, blister prevention, and mascara smudge removal.


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  1. Anonymous

    like generic chap stick container.. it works, but not quite right OKAY. if you are expecting what I would call a “normal tube of chap stick” this is not it. (for the record Burts Bees is what I am considering a normal chap stick container.) these are.. .a little off, like generic… they’re a litttttle bigger radius than a normal tube of chap stick. the lids were not tight, they could easily spin while on the container, which I don’t really like. it seems like the caps are a little lose, which would be easier to open in like your purse…

  2. Anonymous

    Perfect for my lip balm These are very nice lip balm tubes. The tubes are clear and the caps are white. They came in a zip-lock plastic bag with the caps on. The zip-lock bag was shipped in a shipping box. The caps go on with a nice “snap” sound because they are nicely snug. The bottom of each tub has a little dial to raise the lip balm. They all work great with no defects. I purchased these to make my own lip balm because I developed allergies to everything with fragrance, color, etc. These work perfectly. I…

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