The Bell STANDARD INNER TUBE are high quality with a full range of all major tube sizes. Mold cured rubber for a consistent side wall-prevents high pressure blow-outs.

Product Features

  • High quality inner tubes
  • Full range of all major tube sizes
  • Mold cured rubber for consistent side wall-prevents high pressure blow outs
  • Valve Size/Type: 35mm Schrader
  • Wheel Size: 27.5″ x 1.90-2.125″


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  1. Robert Beeman

    Perfect fit for a BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller rear wheel Our Bob stroller’s rear wheel got punctured, so I was looking for a replacement inner tube. I saw several two packs for $25 and I thought that they were priced ridiculously. I decided to give this universal inner tube a shot, and I’m very glad that I did. It fits perfectly, and it took just minutes to install. We have used it for about a week now and have had no issues. If (when) we get another puncture, I would not hesitate to purchase this product again.Edit (11/21/2014): Still…

  2. |J|

    Easy Replacement I bought this to replace the inner tube that popped in my InStep 16″ bike trailer wheel. It was very easy to install and is much thicker than the original inner tube. To install, I pumped a little air into it to loosen it up a bit and then stuffed it into the tire that I had removed from the rim. Then it was as simple as putting the tire back on the rim making sure to align the valve with the valve opening in the rim. A few more pumps of air and good as new (or better). I just placed…

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