This 5X32 Optics night vision Monocular is a high-precision optoelectronic instrument used for object observation in the dark night. It works even at extremely low light levels.This Monocular can be normally used during day and night. It has camera, video recording and playback functions. And it provides 5X optical magnification and 8X digital magnification.Come With 16GB Card.

The night vision device has an IR illuminator for working in completely dark conditions.
● Turn on the auxiliary illuminator when it is completely dark. Its focus can be adjusted based on the distance to the target. With the low-light CCD night vision device, auxiliary lighting is unnecessary when there is any light source in the operating environment, such as a streetlight or the moon. In that case, adjust the focus on the objective lens to make the target clear.
● The operating time for night vision device normally is 2.5H under the auxiliary illuminator opening; 6H when the auxiliary illuminator is off.
● With USB port and video transmit port.
● This product is the best auxiliary tool for human vision extension.

1x Monocular With 16GB Momery Card
1x AV Cable
1x USB Cable
1x Soft Bag
1x Lens wiper

Product Features

  • Can be used to take pictures or video capture during the day or night. It has a fixed 5x optical zoom and up to 8x digital zoom.
  • Infrared illuminator allows up to 150yards viewing distance in the dark, offers clear black and white image, which is eye friendly to avoid visual fatigue.
  • The operating time for night vision device normally is 2.5H under the auxiliary illuminator opening; 5H when the auxiliary illuminator is off.
  • With fast and easy data transfer via usb cable. see the images and video on a monitor with VIDEO OUT
  • Ergonomic design, lightweight and portable, suitable for many uses, night patrol, hunting, etc.With a mount, can be fixed on helmet.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice product for the price ! I have used a few night vision products in my life and to be honest, I have not been impressed with the ones I had used, even the ones that cost a lot. But this digital night vision monocular is not bad at all, especially considering the low price. Then if you factor in that it is a camera and video recorder on top of being a night vision monocular, well, that makes it even a better deal.I have not had it long, but in the testing I have done with it, I have been very pleased. Other…

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