The Body Groove Young At Heart DVD features four fun dance workouts designed for any fitness level.
Workout 1 (5 routines – 23 minutes)
 Workout 2 (5 routines – 28 minutes)
 Workout 3 (5 routines – 22 minutes)
Workout 4 (5 routines – 26 minutes)

PLUS you’ll also get a FREE BONUS SESSION:
“Soft” – Before you get your groove on, you can use this beautiful, flowing dance track to improve flexibility and balance. It’s also a great cool-down after your workout!

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  1. Anonymous

    A fun, freestyle all over body wake-up! Wow! So fun! Just did my first workout. Sweating from every pore… I was so surprised when she announced the end of the workout and I still could have done more! Being 60 and 40lbs overweight, I don’t want to over do. I love the freestyle nature of this DVD. We live on an RV and while I was working out, my husband found a nest from our recent guests…a family of mice! I danced around him and he was highly impressed. I feel like every muscle in my body got a workout and some stretching. The…

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