Keep your target in clear sight when daylight fades and avoid getting lost or stranded in the dark or missing out on that night time hunt with BrickField’s lightweight NightVision Monocular. Rubberized finish & ergonomic grip combine practical design in a powerful mechanical housing for when you’re out in the field. 3X Magnification and built-in Illuminator allows detailed viewing of distant objects on mild to extremely dark nights. Enjoy accurate identification of distant targets image quality for a variety of applications including nighttime hunting, search, surveillance and general observation

Product Features

  • ACCURATELY IDENTIFY DISTANT TARGETS and Keep Target in Sight When Daylight Fades with 3X Magnification for Close-Range Observation and a 14º Field of View
  • PROLONGED VIEWING A BREEZE on Dark Nights for Surveillance, Wildlife Observation, some Late Night Hunting. Equipped with Head Mount for Hands Free Operation Compact Body for Easy Travel and Ergonomic Grip Crafted for Practical Use. Dimensions: 5.7″L x 3.5″W x 1.5″H Weight: 8oz
  • GET UP CLOSE IN DIFFERENT NIGHT ENVIRONMENTS with 2X Zoom, 14.5mm Objective Lens Enhances Night Vision, Powerful Infrared Field of Illumination is 328ft (100m) while 3W Infrared LED Premium Optics Optimize Quality and Resolution.
  • FIRST GEN NIGHT OPTICS Great for Wide Variety of General Uses with the aid of stars and/or moonlight, combined with extra infrared illumination. The biggest advantage to GEN I optics is price. GEN I optics can be had for a quarter of what some of the GEN II and GEN III models cost.
  • 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY INCLUDED along with 1GB micro SD Card, Mini USB Cable, AV Cable, Shoulder Strap and Carrying Case all Included. Requires 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries (not included)

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  1. Kimberly Hoon

    he’s was super excited and we’ve been having such a blast with … What a fun tool! It actually works in total darkness by using a built-in infrared light which can be adjusted in intensity. I can see our horses a couple hundred yards away in the field The picture is relatively clear. The ability to save snapshots or videos to an SD card is a great bonus. A microSD card actually came included. One thing to note- the image you see in the eyepiece is quite bright. After looking at it a few minutes, I lose my night vision for a few seconds, which is to be…

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