Bushnell Equinox 6×50 Z digital night vision Blk box Bushnell Equinox 260150 6×50 Equinox Z digital night vision black box hunting optics binoculars night vision

Product Features

  • Hunting optics binoculars night vision
  • Versatile top of the line
  • Another quality product

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  1. Anonymous

    Some other details you might want to know. I like this item, but I don’t love it. This as a special use, low resolution digital camera that is super sensitive to infrared light. I mostly agree with the other reviews. What I don’t agree with is mostly technical, and would not help you decide to buy, so I will not waste your time with it.With some optical background, I understand the challenge that compact monocular/binoculars have with small field of view. I initially couldn’t decide between 4.5x and 6x model. I chose…

  2. Anonymous

    Huge undocumented feature! Works as advertised. Excellent at anything less than 50 meters. After that, the picture quality gets grainy, but that it to be expected. The IR light gets dispersed with distance.**Huge undocumented feature! I was eating through batteries and then discovered that it can be powered via the mini-USB port. I attached a Limefuel Blast L60X for $30 and it lasts for hours and hours at the highest settings. Any USB charger should work. Connect the charger to AC and you can run this all…

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent low cost Night Vision device!! This thing works great for open field night viewing, I use it for locating hogs at my feeders at night. In thick cover or a forested area the onboard light will reflect a lot of light and white out your images. The built in light is more than bright enough, on high, to identify targets at 100 yards at night with no moon. It has 3 NV light levels, high, low and off, and a daytime mode. Even a full moon is not bright enough to view anything at a…

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