Read How Lupus Sufferers Can Enjoy Life Again

My Family Survival GuideLupus is a very difficult disease to live with and can bevery isolating as well. Lupus is very unpredictable in its symptoms and canoften mimics other autoimmune diseases, this can make it even harder for doctorsto diagnose and treat.My Family Survival Guide talks about the highs and lows ofliving with lupus and how this affects my family and friends. It talks about mydepression and how that has a very high impact on all my family.Not to be left out my children also wanted to talk about howhaving a Mum with…Read more

Personal Dev elopement Programs For Lupus Symptoms In Women Sufferers

Lupus Symptoms In WomenOnce deciding that you want to go with the self help process to help improve your Lupus symptoms In Women, it is important that you have the right direction to head down. This article will help you get started on a successful and rejuvenating journey with some goals to set and tips to help you on the way. Remember that you stay focused throughout the process.A great self help tip is to not abuse alcohol, especially if you're taking any medications for Lupus Alcohol is a depressant and can disrupt…Read more

You Can Ease Lupus By Pacing Exercise & Resting

Lupus PacingYou have a general idea of what Lupus is, but you cannotimagine how it impacts people as greatly as it does. It seems hard to imaginethat so many people miss work and pleasurable activities because of it. Usethis article to shed some light on how difficult it can be to live with Lupus.Consider joining a Lupus support group. Friends and familymembers who don't suffer from Lupus may have a hard time understanding exactlywhat you are going through and how much it affects your life. Connecting withother Lupus sufferers in a supportive environment…Read more