Lupus Flare And Poorly Controlled Hypothyroidism

Lupus And HypothyroiddismIf you are unfortunately to have Lupus And Hypothyroiddism,you must be thinking how am I going to deal with the constant battle of thenever-ending symptoms. Like most autoimmune conditions the symptoms can bequite often the same and this can make it difficult to decide which conditionis not under control.The only consolation of having more than one autoimmunecondition is that when you have more than one they tend to be milder, even sobeing mild can still cause you a lot of suffering.Lupus And Hypothyroiddism have completely differenttreatments regimes thus making it very…Read more

Well Known Facts About Lupus

Lupus FactsLupus is a very complex disease and affects everyone in manydifferent ways. The main lupus fact is that no lupus sufferer will haveidentical symptoms to any other lupus sufferer. This makes lupus difficult todiagnose and the sufferer may well have had several other diagnosis before theyare told they have lupus.When researching lupus facts it is very important that youuse up to date literature. Using out dated literature will inform you thatlupus is all doom and gloom and that your symptoms will kill you.A lot more is now known about this disease. One…Read more