1/ Why do You Need a Pair of Polarized Sunglasses Lenses Clip? Imagine that do you have these troubles? When you are in a very strong sunlight or harsh light from the other
side of the driveway, if your eyes feel uncomfortable? Do you want to buy a pair of myopia glasses which has anti-ultraviolet and polarized effect. But the high cost let
you give up the idea? Now this clip can solve your problem easily.

2/ These polycarbonate rimless polarized sunglasses lenses are extremely lightweight,
durable and scratch resistant. It can withstand a high amount of flexing force.

3/UV400 protection lens, it can block 99% of the UV. Removing reflections and glare on
the road and from other cars, protect your eyes, enhance the driving safety.

4/ Each one of the four legs is covered by rubber. To protect your spectacle lens from
the damage of the scratch.


24-hour customer service. If you have any question please cantact us immediately and we will give you a satisfactory reply.

Package Includes

1* Premium Pocket

1* high quality clean cloth

1* clip on sunglasses( Night one )

1* Test Card

Attention Please

Clean the Lens by Water or Wipe Them by the Soft Clean Cloth. And Never Use Alcohol or Any Other Chemicals to Clean the Lens to Avoid Surface Damage.

About us

This product is sold exclusively by AUUS. Only buy from AUUS to get genuine AUUS
products with Lifetime warranty and superb customer service. AUUS is a registered
trademark in USPTO and that is Exhibited by AUUS on Amazon.

Product Features

  • “HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY”- AUUS clip on sunglasses provide any defective product will be full refunded service. And easy to clip on any prescription glasses.
  • UV400 LENS TECHNOLOGY- The lens can absorb over 99% UV. offering maximum protection from harmful Sun UV Rays! the Day(black) one relieve the unpleasant feeling of the sunshine in daytime; the Night(yellow) one can filter out the stray-light , reflections and glare in nighttime to enhance your vision when you are driving.
  • LOW COST ALTERNATIVE- Clip on your Prescription glasses, No need to buy expensive prescription sunglasses.
  • NOT EASY TO DAMAGE- Premium metal frames, shock resistance scratch. And with rubber cover on the four legs. The important thing is the rubber cover could protect your prescription glasses from the metal scratch!
  • SINGLE HAND OPERATION- You could easy to put on or off it. And It fits both Men and Women.

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