Better Vision under the Sun
The polarized lens will improve your vision by reducing glare and reflections. It will be your best buddy during driving, fishing, biking and other outdoor activities.

Say NO to expensive Prescription Sunglasses
Just clip the polarized lens over your prescription glasses, so your can save your time and money on buying expensive prescription sunglasses while keeping in style.

Clear Vision at Night
Never worry about losing your way after dark! The Yellow Night vision lens will sharpen your eye sight at night.

Product Dimensions
Lens Height-1.35in,
Lens Width-2.25in,
Frame Total-5.25in

Package Includes
2 X lens (yellow)

Product Features

  • Polarized lens reduces glare and reflections, great for driving, and any outdoor activities.
  • Ultra lightweight and highly scratch resistant material offers maximum protection on night!
  • Premium metal alloy frame is non-shrinking, impact-proof, wear-resisting and scratch-proof
  • Clip on your Prescription Glasses -Fits both metal and plastic frames, no need to buy expensive prescription sunglasses
  • Easy application – Just clip on and go!

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  1. Ed Shenk

    Polarized Yellow Clip-ons work in Evening Driving I have a pair of yellow tinted clip-ons that were not helping with the glare of headlights and almost forced me to avoid evening driving. I was advised that I needed a polarized set of yellow clip ons. I ordered them and received two pairs at almost half the cost of the un-polarized one I had. I tried them on for an evening drive when I received them and the difference was literally like night and day. The Splaks were polarized and improved my evening driving so much that the glare was cut by…

  2. tachi1

    A good price for a very good product. I lost my prescription sunglasses and, since I’m going to have cataract surgery soon, I don’t want to invest in another pair. These seemed like a nice solution to my problem: just clip them to my clear prescription glasses–and they work.They are only slightly larger than the lenses on my glasses, but the difference can be easily distributed between the 4 sides for a comfortable fit. I’m glad that the size difference was on the side of slightly larger than slightly smaller…

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