A simple formula for a simple application – but funny how the competitors manage to miss the details. Mold-cured, seamless-extruded, with removable valve cores are features that make Conti tubes a step above the rest.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM INNER TUBES – Preferred by champions and riders worldwide
  • MOLD CURED AND SEAMLESS EXTRUSION – Creates a consistent tube that is perfectly round
  • REMOVABLE VALVE CORES – Useful for adding extenders or using Revo Sealant


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  1. some guy from Pittsburgh

    Reliable Bike Tube Keep in mind that this tube has a Presta valve, which is the long, pointy kind that racing bikes tend to have. The kind that most consumer bikes (at least in the US, not sure about elsewhere) have by default is a Schrader valve. If you do not have the correct pump you will need either a schrader adapter and cap or a Presta pump to fill it up. That said, it works fine on any bike (assuming you buy the correct size for your tire).You are probably already well aware of these matters,…

  2. Amazon Customer

    Some more information not listed… These tubes are specifically for mountain biking (says so on the box) and rated for tires 1.75 to 2.5 inches in diameter (also says so on the box). I weighed them straight out of the box and they are approximately 250 grams. They have a removable presta core so you can fill them with sealant to stop flats. A pair of pliers is plenty to get the core out and you can re-tighten by hand and with the aid of the presta cap. They are great for mountain biking, or for using as a spare if you run a…

  3. Chris Embry

    No option to choose the right stem length for my tire size, but they work well nonetheless Unfortunately there wasn’t an option for choosing 700 x 20-25cc 42mm valve stems; ended up receiving 60mm valve stems despite needing 42mm. I suppose it’s better than receiving 42mm valve stems and needing 60mm. Running around looking a bit goofy, but won’t knock it any stars for that as the product functions just fine. I’ve not had a chance to ride long distance with these (rode approximately 100 miles so far over the course of the last few days), but Continental’s track record has been good…

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