Continental standard weight presta valve tubes. Seamless and mold cured construction. Presta and Schrader have removable valve cores. Presta and Schrader valves are threaded full length. Weight: 180. Valve: Presta Med 41-55mm. ISO Diameter: 622 / road / 29″. ISO Width: 28. ISO Width: 29. ISO Width: 30. ISO Width: 31. ISO Width: 32. ISO Width: 33. ISO Width: 34. ISO Width: 35. ISO Width: 36. ISO Width: 37. ISO Width: 38. ISO Width: 39. ISO Width: 40. ISO Width: 41. ISO Width: 42. ISO Width: 43. ISO Width: 44. ISO Width: 45. ISO Width: 46. ISO Width: 47. Labeled Size: 700 x 28-47. Tube Compound: Butyl. Valve Core: Removable. Presta Shaft TYPE: Threaded.

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  1. Max

    Works fine for me I am using this on my 85 bridgestone 700 after a tire blow out when filling them with air and being lazy so it was my fault that the original tubes tore at the base of the valve. My wheel setup consist of mavic ma2 wheels under specialized turbo tires and took me maybe 5 minutes to swap out the tubes.Now they did what they said they would do… hold air!!!!! woot woot but there is one thing you have to make sure you do when filling up the tube with air, push the valve into the tire…

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