Those fancy new tires you bought aren’t worth much without a great set of inner tubes to keep them inflated. Put the Continental 60mm Presta valve tubes in your deep profile rims to shed some grams and keep the air in your tires. Unitube system allows greater compatibility with more tires sizes. Seamless construction eliminates weak points, Mold-cured and vulcanized for uniform roundness and improved reliability at the valve stem insertion. Every tube must pass 100% quality control inspection 60mm Presta valve has a removable valve core.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM INNER TUBES – Preferred by champions and riders worldwide
  • UNITUBE- Continentals Unitube system allows greater compatibility with more tire sizes and less tubes.
  • VULCANIZED TUBES- All Continental Tubes are seamless and mold cured to ensure uniform roundness and better reliability at the valve stem.
  • QUALITY TESTED- Every Continental Tube passes a stringent 100% quality control inspection
  • REMOVABLE VALVE CORES – Useful for adding extenders or using Revo Sealant.


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  1. Anonymous

    I never thought a tube would make such a difference in the riding experience of a bicycle but these tubes are superb. The moment I started to ride after installing them I immediately noticed a huge difference in the way the bike felt on the road… it felt much more responsive and the feedback I felt from how the ground felt beneath the tires was superb. I was absolutely floored by the difference between what I had to what I have now…i used to just purchase a cheap off the shelf tube that…

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