Continental standard weight presta valve tubes. Seamless and mold cured construction. Presta and Schrader have removable valve cores. Presta and Schrader valves are threaded full length. Weight: 160. Valve: Presta Med 41-55mm. ISO Diameter: 622 / Road / 29″. ISO Width: 32. ISO Width: 33. ISO Width: 34. ISO Width: 35. ISO Width: 36. ISO Width: 37. ISO Width: 38. ISO Width: 39. ISO Width: 40. ISO Width: 41. ISO Width: 42. Labeled Size: 700 x 32-42. Tube Compound: Butyl. Valve Core: Removable. Shaft Type: Threaded.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM INNER TUBES – Preferred by champions and riders worldwide
  • MOLD CURED AND SEAMLESS EXTRUSION – Creates a consistent tube that is perfectly round
  • REMOVABLE VALVE CORES – Useful for adding extenders or using Revo Sealant


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  1. John M. Beasley

    Industry standard 700c tubes, good construction, good price. These are industry standard tubes. Sometimes I hate them and swear I will never buy them again. I just bought 6 more of these for spares. You have to be careful putting the tube in the tire or you can put holes in a new tube. These are not heavy duty tubes Nor puncture resistant. I buy Gatorskin tires that have Kevlar fabric for puncture resistance. Gatorskins are the industry standard top quality tire. These tubes are all you need if you are riding Gatorskin tires. I buy these tubes for all 3…

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