Low Glow IR Lights :

In night version, low-glow black LED illuminators do not interfere with wildlife, compared with other trail cameras with RED LED. However, 850nm IR Lights offer around 30% more beam strength which deliver the best night shot.

Never Miss Anything :

With features of super fast trigger speed0.6 Sec(pre boot 0.2 Sec):, 125°& 80ft wide detection range, 12MP & 1080P images and videos:accompanied with sound and combination of camera and video mode, you will never miss anything.

Longer Lifespan:

This camera is waterproof (IP56), which is designed for outdoors surviving. The components of each part are made from durable and reinforcing materials. Power saver system helps to boost the battery life that can shoot up to 30,000 images. You may install it anywhere and let this camera work for you.

Multi-shot mode: up to 3 photos per detection;

HD video recording from 1 to 60 sec;

Supports date, time, moon phase and temperature stamp on photos or videos;

Supports trigger interval, time lapse and periodic shot mode, you can take images at pre-set intervals under field scan time lapse mode;

Interface: TV-out port, USB port, Micro SD card slot, 6V DC external;

Supports micro SD card up to 32GB;

Powered by 4 or 8xAA batteries depending on how you use.

Package Contents:

1 x Distianert DH-8 Trail Camera

1 x User Manual

1 x Wall Mount

1 x USB Cable

1 x AV Cable

32G Storage Capacity:

The camera is compatible with micro SD card up to 32GB, which is not included.

Product Features

  • Super Fast Trigger Speed: With an impressive 0.6 second trigger speed (pre boot 0.2 second) , there is no delay between the triggers when it captures still images. You are never miss any of breathtaking moments by multi-shot feature which can take up to 3 pictures each time
  • High Quality Day&Night Capture: It captures 12 MP crystal-clear colorful images by day and relative clear black& white images at night separately. The brightness, clarity and colors are exactly what you want. It also provides 1080P HD video with sound
  • Perfect Detection & Flash Range: With newest type of detection sensors applied, it is equipped with 125° and 80ft detection range. The low-glow black covert LED lights provide 65 ft flash range in the dark, which do not intrude into the natural habitat
  • User-friendly Setup: For entry-level users, the built-in presetting is ideal for the majority of wildlife applications, whether used on trails or nest sites. For advanced users, it is easy to personalize settings with a 2.4-inch LCD screen, as well as replaying
  • Incredible Durability: The case is flawless with big, sturdy and easy-operated latch. There is a threaded insert on the bottom of the camera for mounting on a tripod, and the back bracket fits a strap as well. It’s rugged, waterproof (IP56) and can be left outdoors for long periods


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  1. Chip

    Good Camera But Has Some Drawbacks! Read This And You’ll Best Know How to Use It! ABOUT THIS CAMERA:This is a low-glow (i.e. red flash) trail camera. It runs on between 4 and 8 AA batteries.BACKGROUND, ABOUT ME, AND MY HISTORY WITH TRAIL CAMERAS:I have several other trail camera brands including Stealth Cam, Moultrie, Covert, Primos, Browning, TEC.BEAN, and now Distianert. Honestly, the day time pictures with all of these brands are adequate for hunting and scouting purposes. What separates a camera in my…

  2. Anonymous

    These cameras perform. My son paid twice as much for an inferior product last year. Have used them in summer heat, fall rains, and down to about 30°F. Side sensors seem to help get better pics and vids. Also did some time lapse inside my chicken coop. They have performed flawlessly, with one minor exception. The exception being that some moisture condenses on the inside of the led window (I’ve only noticed this on one of the 2 that I own). Doesnt seem to negatively effect opperation. Also had…

  3. Anonymous

    I am returning mine. It plays a sound byte when you open the unit and turn it on or switch it from “On” mode to “test” mode. I can’t figure out how to turn this sound byte off, it still plays even after setting the sound setting in the unit settings to “Off”. When you’re in the woods checking your game camera at a time you are also hunting you dont want this basically playing music for every animal within 200 yards to hear.I bought two of these prior to…

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