Boost metabolism, burn fat, reshape & define muscles without adding bulk, in just 5 minutes daily!

The workouts on this Fit in 5 DVD are designed, researched, and created by Lisa Lynn, a fitness and metabolic weight loss expert for over 27 years. These workouts contain the best muscle-shaping and defining moves, done in super-set style, so you get leaner, tighter, more toned muscles without any bulk. Get insane results using only a light pair of dumbbells. Drop the excuses and get slimmer by dinner!

BONUS FEATURES: A.M. & P.M. Recovery Stretches Included!

Workout #1: Better back & improved posture
Workout #2: Leaner, more toned arms
Workout #3: Buffed upper body
Workout #4: Flat abs, strong core
Workout #5: Swiveled shoulders
Workout #6: Leaner, tighter, firmer legs

Each workout is safe and will tighten, tone, and reshape your body with an emphasis on posture correction, so you look more fit and skin tightening.

This FIT in 5 workout is the solution to getting into better shape and improving your health. You’ll notice a difference in the shape of your muscles the same day you start. We guarantee it or your money back!

It’s good for all fitness levels. Even the advanced will see results. Train smart. This workout is safe to do even if you have problems with your back, shoulder or knees. Any body part that has an issue can be improved with this workout.

Product Features

  • Reversing the aging process, Improving posture, Strengthening bones, Toning and improving muscle tone
  • Improving balance, Improving flexibility, Improving energy and stamina
  • Improving sleep, Boosting metabolism, Lowering and balancing blood sugar
  • Improving heart health, Lowering blood pressure, Decreasing hunger
  • Protecting joints, Providing whole body aches and pain relief, Improving mood and alleviating depression

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