These Royal Imports Green Floral Water Tubes are molded from unbreakable polypropylene plastic, while the caps are made from soft, rubber-like polyethylene. The middle opening in the cap stretches, allowing for a single-stem floral item to be placed through it, forming a water-tight seal to keep this water vial from leaking. Caps are included with tubes! Pik tubes can be placed into soil or floral foam to create arrangements for use in your home, garden or as a gift!

Product Features

  • Essential for preserving fresh flowers, keeping them alive longer
  • Includes rubber caps. Leak free tubes allow for flowers to be transported and enjoyed without fear of spilled water
  • Perfect accessory for florist and for other crafters, a must have for floral arranging
  • Simply fill with water, close cap and insert the flower stem
  • Single Stem Water Pick, available in a variety of sizes and styles, in either clear or green translucent, comes in packs of approx 100 pcs per bag. Standard= is a regular round base tube. Extendable Style= Takes in a floral pick at the bottom so water tube can be further extended. Pointed Style= Tube has its own pick at the bottom which can be sticked directly into foam or soil etc. Size by Inches mentioned includes the extension (whether Extendable or Pointed).


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  1. Anonymous

    Perfect for using with weed kill to get rid of poison ivy and oak!!! These were perfect for my project. I had found out that I could fill these containers with weed killer, then use rubber gloves, snip the end of a poison ivy or oak vine and insert it into the water tube and leave it for a week. It eventually kills the fine and it sucks the weed killer into the root which then starts working to kill other vines from the same root system. These were perfect. Even as the poison ivy was dying and shriveling up, they stayed in the water tubes. The water tubes…

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome Weed Killer Method! I made a terrible mistake of planting a Clerodendrum indicum in the ground. I knew it was invasive but it was planted into a bed surrounded in all directions by concrete. Little did I know the roots would snake their way under a 6 inch concrete slab and pop up shoots 20 feet away! I immediately took it out of the ground but was not able to get all the roots and consequently more shoots are popping up.I tried everything I could think of to kill the roots without harming other plants…

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