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  1. Hannah J.

    This is my favorite Lumowell exercise video This is my favorite Lumowell exercise video! It gives me a great full body workout in a short period of time. It builds your strength, and tones your body. I have noticed a significant increase in my weight loss since starting this particular workout. And I am building muscle. It really targets the arm/back area and aids in ridding you of back fat. My legs also get a very workout due to the variations of squats throughout this video. The last section focuses on ab exercises. I don’t feel like…

  2. J. A. James

    Awesome quick workout! I have tried several of the Lumowell workouts and I believe this just became my favorite one. It was easy to do, but challenging. I worked up a sweat and got my heart pumping and I didn’t have to do a lot of jumping around. I am so uncoordinated and hate zumba or aerobic type workouts where I feel like I have to learn dance steps. I agree that it could use more abdominal workout moves, but Lumowell offers several short 6-8-15 minute workouts that focus on abs to supplement this. I liked that…

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