LOW-LIGHT LEVEL NIGHT VISION: The binoculars is low-light level night vision, not infrared night vision. So it can NOT see anything in total darkness.

Magnification: 8x
Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm
Prism Type: BaK-4, Porro
Lens coating: Fully multi-coated
Phase coated: Yes
Night Vision: Low-Light-Level Night Vision
Field of view: 1000 yds
Close Focusing Distance: 6.56ft
Waterproof/Fogproof: Yes
Binoculars Size: 7.08×2.75×5.90in(LxWxH)
Binoculars Weight: 1.34lb
Package Weight:1.86lb

Package Include:
1x High Powered Binocular
1x Backpack
1x Strap
1x Lens Cap
1x Eyepiece cap
1x Lens Cloth
1x Packaging Boxes

How to use your binocular?
A. IDP adjustment:
1. Set the interpupillary distance by grasping the body and bending it until you can see one circle of view. The setting for your eyes will be indicated on the IPD scale.

B. Focusing:
1. Close your right eye and sight an object with your left eye. Rotate the center wheel until the image is sharp and clear.
2. Open your right eye and close your left eye. Rotate the right eyepiece until the object sighted is sharp and clear. (diopter adjustment)
3.Both sides are now in focus and you will need to use only the center focus wheel to focus on the other objects.
C. Rubber fold-down eye cups:
1. Fold down for use with eyeglasses and fold up for use without eyeglasses.They provide comfort and promote viewing ease.

How to care for your binocular?
1.Cover the lens for not use.
2.Use soft lintless cloth to wipe lens.
3.To remove any remaining dirt or smudges,add one or two drops of is opropyl alcohol to the cloth.
4.Suggest store binoculars at moisture-free place.

1.Please do not look at the sun through a binocular.

Product Features

  • EXTRA-WIDE FIELD OF VIEW,MAGNIFICATION DETAIL: 1000 yards out extra-wide field of view; 21.3oz(weight); 7.1n x 1.9in x 5.9in(Dimensions).
  • WATERPROOF/FOGPROOF: It can use even under extremely severe condition,such as rainstorms and high humidity,on cloudy night it able to see clear as day.
  • HIGH QUALITY BAK4 LENS: To minimize UV glare with a strong optical lenses,multicoated optics guarantee superior light transmission and brightness.
  • WHERE CAN BE USED: Suitable for bird watching,camping,sports events and other activities.Especially the search target,first at hand with low range to the target,then by the high ratio observes.
  • SUPERIOR SERVICE: 100% money back guranttee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product,we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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  1. Jason

    High-quality at a frugal price. Perfect for amateurs who don’t want to spend 100s on binoculars. They work very well. These are surprisingly high-quality binoculars for less than thirty bucks! I have three pair of spy glasses (binoculars) from over the years. One set is from WWII, which I never use due to the antique qualities they have. The other is a $90 pair I got about 20 years ago. This $30 set is just as good, if not better than my $90 set.In the right eye scope, these come with a horizon adjuster/viewer. If you never used one before, just know that you have to adjust the right eye scope…

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