Goodyear bicycle tubes are the perfect replacement for your bike. They are durable and affordable and comes with a name you can trust.

Product Features

  • For 16-inch wheel
  • Fits tire width between 1.75 and 2.125
  • Schrader Valve


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  1. Stephen Bates

    First was a dud, replacement works great I snake-bit my back tube a few days ago (hopped up on a rough curb) and quickly ordered a new tube. I usually go to a local bike shop, as their tubes are $5, however, they are nowhere near the thickness and quality of these Goodyears. Easy to install, and the stem suffered no leaks. Will buy again!Edit: My rear tire was flat when I went to take my bike for a spin, despite installing this tube yesterday. I pumped it back up to 100psi, listened for a leak but heard nothing, and went…

  2. Anonymous

    My daughters balance bike had a flat tire so I bought this tube and replaced it all by myself for the first time and was very impressed with the tube and myself! Hubby is usually in charge of tasks such as this. Then a couple of days later the tire goes flat again! Hubby and I were convinced I must have done something wrong ūüôĀ So bought another and while hubby was replacing he noticed a staple stuck in the tire! Ooops- didn’t know I had to check for sharp objects ūüėČ Oh well- the tube itself was…

  3. Anonymous

    Put tube in tire. Before I even got to take the bike for a ride the tube popped. I got out of my car and I heard it go “pop” followed by a fast loss of air. Tube exploded right near the valve. Thankfully the tube did not explode while I was riding. That may have hurt a little bit. I have replaced many tubes in the past and this is the first to explode even with proper inflating and installation. This is also my first purchase of a Goodyear bike product. This may be my last…

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