Hand Weight Circuits

Lean, strong, powerful you! Build endurance and strength with Remix Workouts’ short, intense, adaptable and always changing circuits. The varied combinations of resistance exercise will kick your metabolism into high gear. With Remix Workouts, you get a total body workout, with each routine designed to target every muscle group. The circuit format keeps your heart rate elevated, providing the benefits of aerobic activity.

With Remix Workouts, you get to work out alongside your own personal workout instructor. No more guessing which moves to do – or how to do them. Our balanced program offers step-by-step instruction on each exercise routine with audio and video that play continuously through your workout. Instructions are provided on how to modify each exercise move so no matter what your level of fitness, you can begin getting fit today.

We’ve designed the Remix Workouts circuits to help motivate and encourage you. As you exercise, you’ll hear inspiring quotes to keep you going. Throughout your workout, you’ll hear and see which moves are coming up next and how much time is remaining for each circuit.

The Remix Workouts hand weight program allows you to experience a combination of over 7,000 different workout routines. This is not your grandma’s workout video! Just like a video game, you control the action. Unlock new moves as you progress. Increase the intervals to challenge yourself. Work out with real-time videos and get a total body tune-up every time.

Use hand weights to gain strength, boost your stamina and increase your flexibility and balance. No more jiggling! Follow the real-time videos and finally get the results you want! Equipment needed: Hand weights (2-5lbs for beginners) and a mat.

Product Features

  • Build muscles that help burn calories all day long
  • Never do the same workout twice! Each workout delivers a completely varied routine so you don’t get bored or plateau like with many programs
  • Demos and modified instruction provided for various fitness levels
  • Take control of your routine – customize the circuits and the intervals
  • Perfect for small spaces at home or when traveling

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  1. Anonymous

    This is a tough workout. You will see results.Once you purchase, you download this workout to your computer. Great concept, once it’s on your laptop it goes any where with you. Here’s what is happening lately: I do this timed workout every 3 days and now, after several months, more often than not the video lags – which lags the timing as well. It definitely is a problem as it throws off the routine. I don’t know why this happens during portions of the workout. Again, this is a very…

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