Over the calf tube socks made with cotton for all over softness, superior fit and ultimate durability.

Product Features

  • Grey durable double-tough cushioned sole is soft and long-lasting
  • Fresh IQ advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing to help you feel fresh all day
  • Spandex for better fit
  • Comfort toe seam, our most comfortable seam ever
  • A great value in 12-pair packs


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  1. Anonymous

    Put on your wife’s knee-highs instead; they’re thicker. I have been wearing Hanes tube-socks and pocket-tee shirts for 25 years. I’ve watched the quality decrease over time. I had enough. Hanes tee-shirts are now cut really weird; and their socks are now paper thin. These socks pilled terribly from the first two washings. I ordered both this (Fresh IQ) 12 pack and a 6 pack that was not Fresh IQ. They were 80% Cotton/17% Polyester/1% Latex Rubber. The non Fresh IQ socks were slightly larger and thicker, but they pilled badly as well. If these Fresh…

  2. Anonymous

    Awful. Bought a pack of these over 5 years ago. Just now bought this pack to replace my old one as they were getting a little thin. The new product simply cannot be compare with the older one. The old ones are mostly cotton, these are 94% polyester, or basically plastic. So might as well stick your feet in a plastic bag, it’ll feel the same. The attached photos show how much smaller the new pair is and how badly the heal peeled and nearly rubbed through after just one day of wearing. Returned them and…

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