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Thank you for buying this hidden spy camera. Our mini spy camera will bring you peace of mind and safety. This spy camera wifi is perfect to watch your kids. With this spy camera wireless you leave your home safe. Perfect nanny spy camera to watch your nanny. This hidden spy cam is well disguised. Best hidden camera, remains unnoticed. Use this mini spy cam to watch your pets.

A Real Time 1080p HD Video Recording

This spy camera 1080p is multifunctional. It’s best hidden camera, security camera, nanny camera you can have. Wifi spy camera gives a possibility to watch your house remotely with this wireless security camera. This mini security camera works in any conditions, it’s good night vision security camera. Best of hidden nanny cams. This spy cam wifi is a premium device. The hidden security camera keeps control on your house and office. With this hidden spy camera you may be easily away from your home. Night vision spy camera keeps an eye on your home not only in a daylight. Night vision security camera maintains surveillance at night. With this wi-fi security camera you can watch your kids and pets, this wireless security cam can film a lot of funny moments.

Small, compact, and disguised as a USB charger spy security camera, this wifi hidden camera can be easily be plugged into any power outlet and provide panoramic view of the room. All of this hidden spy cam recording, motion sensor, and live feed streaming functions can be controlled from your smartphone, no matter where you are! Use it as a home security cam, nanny camera and wi-fi security camera. Our security camera 1080p will provide you comfort and peace of mind. It is best nanny cam!

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Product Features

  • WIRELESS HOME SECURITY CAMERA – Observes your children, pets or home no matter where you are with this hidden spy camera
  • MINI SPY CAM WITH USB CHARGER – shaped and disguised like a standard looking security camera with charger, the small nanny spy cam records everything in your home
  • NIGHT VISION SECURITY SPY CAMERA WITH MOTION DETECTOR – you can setup the spy camera to start recording the moment its motion detector is activated – and push a notification to your phone to show that something’s up! Great recording quality in poor lighting.
  • WIRELESS SECURITY CAMERA WITH OUR REMOTE VIEW APP – Along with your best wifi security camera you receive a Wi-Fi remote view app for your smartphone. You’ll be able to connect your wifi hidden camera to the local Wi-Fi network to watch everything in real time!
  • SPY CAM EASY TO USE, WITH DETAILED MANUAL INCLUDED – No need to worry about controls and complicated functions. The home security camera is very simple to use, and comes with a user manual!

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  1. RayInSeattle

    Fairly involved setup First of all, the camera seems to work great. After I got it set up. Decent picture. But set up is not entirely plug and play.The photo I included are the instructions that come with the device. They are, in a word, sparse. Perhaps they are intended for quick setup, but they are not adequate for that. At the bottom of the paper instructions is a link to the full manual. The full manual is required for successful setup. So go get it first.Then get the phone application…

  2. Mrs.Maranon

    Serves its purpose, but there are many things to consider about it’s functionality. I bought this item with the intention of making it a nanny cam, and while it serves it’s purpose as a spy cam, there are many things to consider.Camera Itself: It does blend in well per say, and would work great on a wall outlet. No one would be able to tell it was a spy cam/nanny cam unless you told them because it does have a usb port. However, Most wall outlets are only 2 feet off the floor and are covered by furniture. So either you’re spying on people’s foot movement, or you’re…

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