Shaun’s ramped up the intensity for these two brand-new workouts (Extreme Cardio & Extreme Abs) to give you even more amazing results.

Burn fat and sculpt your abs-without ever getting on the floor. His signature dance moves will get you into the best shape of your life.

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.

Product Features

  • Hip Hop Abs Extreme includes 2 new workouts: Extreme Cardio & Extreme Abs
  • Extreme Cardio is a nearly one hour workout designed to melt your fat away
  • Extreme Abs is for when you’re short on time, but need a concentrated workout
  • Burn fat and sculpt abs without ever getting off the floor
  • Total workout time: 75 minutes

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  1. Piecesoftiffanyllc

    Shaun T Starts A Sweat Fest Everytime! Are you ready for a sweat fest???? Okay so I have mostly all Shaun T’s hip hop abs dvds! I love them all. But this one in my opinion is by far the most intense. If you like his Insanity dvds, than you’ll love Extreme Cardio! It’s clear that he’s starting to slowly let Insanity filter into to his hiphop abs workouts! I have pretty good stamina, but after this workout I really feel it. The music and the moves keeps you pump the whole way through. This dvd came out in 2010, and I am so happy he…

  2. Limeaide

    Awesome! This workout CD is the best, it is beyond awesome. Shawn T. has the moves and knows how to get you sweating and moving. Love it. I will keep on working out with Shawn T., he really knows what he is doing. Love him and I love the CD! You will lose weight & get your party on at the same time. You don’t feel like you are working out. Love the Hip Hop aspect of the CD. Shawn is great. I will be ordering more of his CD”s. I’m a Fan and participant for life. It is impossible not to see results doing…

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