How to get to the next round with good preparation for a job interview and the 5 things to avoid.

There are many things you must get right and today’s interviews are demanding. It’s easy to get it wrong. Only good preparation will enable you to present your best picture and give yourself the chance of success.

1. Guess what to wear

Don’t ask for advice if you are not sure about dress. You have an old suit hanging in the wardrobe. It will be good for the interview with. Think about how you present yourself. Have some good manners. Don’t cough and grunt. Don’t forget to treat the interviewer as you would like to be treated yourself.

2. Forget to turn off your phone

When it rings during the interview it will be important to you. It must be answered immediately. The interview can wait.

3. Do no preparation for your interview

You know your own background and your education so you really do not need to prepare.

4. Grunt unintelligible replies

You are here just to impress them with your obvious qualities and not to hear of their interests.

5. Don’t make a good first impression

Look as if you have slept in your clothes. Or eaten lots of garlic . And don’t attempt to make eye contact.

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