Finally a Kettlebell for the modern age. The Kamagon Ball uses Hydro-interia to challenge your muscles and balance. Hydro-interia is the utilization of water to create an unstable resistance. In other words, it’s the water inside the Kamagon Ball crashing around, this causes your muscles to react and engage more fibers than traditional weights. The Kamagon Ball features two soft handles allowing you to do more. From Russian Twists to Overhead presses, the multiple grip options give you more options when it comes to your workout routine. The Kamagon Ball uses water as it’s weight source. Want more weight? Add more water. It’s that simple. The polyvinyl chloride construction makes it easy to drop and prevents damage to the floors when compared to heavy iron kettlebells. One Kamagon Ball can replace multiple kettlebells, stored away easily, and transported easier than any Kettle bell you’ve used before. Let water shape you with the Kamagon Ball!

Product Features

  • Adjustable weight from 2-13 pounds, add or remove water to adjust the weight
  • Replace multiple Kettlebells with 1 Kamagon Ball
  • Two handles allow for multiple grip options and expanded workouts when compared to traditional kettlebells
  • Won’t damage floors when dropped
  • Made in the USA

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  1. Anonymous

    Awesome equipment, very high quality Awesome equipment, very high quality. Liked it so much, I bought another one in orange, and the larger one in grey.The kamagon ball is a fun, unique, and effective workout tool. Just fill the well-made, vibrant ball to the desired weight (markings on the side) and perform any number of exercises from Hedstrom’s online library or Instagram account, or make-up your own. You can even put your feet thru the handles and use for leg presses or ab work.The water inside…

  2. Anonymous

    IT’S GENIUS!!!!! I love the idea that you can adjust the weight of this exercise ball by simply adding or removing water. Also, since the water sloshes around inside the ball, it creates an unstable weight, thus creating more of a challenge to your muscles while working out. Unfortunately, I did not keep this item because it was an Amazon Warehouse deal which arrived with more defects than noted in listing. The possibility of it leaking a quart of water made me return the item & I am looking to purchase a…

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