Version 1: Rain umbrella, without sun protection.

Version 2: Umbrella for both rain and sun, with vinyl in it, can block UV.


 Please shake the umbrella widely before open in order to protect umbrella.

Have you ever met these problems before?

1,Always lost umbrellas after use.

2, Suddenly it rains but didn’t bring an umbrella.

3, Feel tired when grab a long and heavy umbrella when travel.

But now, you won’t worry about these problems any more!

This umbrella is small and lightweight. So you can put it in your purse or car all the time in case for use.And it won’t take a lot of space.

Besides, it is a good choice for travel cause it easy to pack and hold.


Sun – Protection. (Version 2.)

Summer is coming, when skin exposure in the sun for a long time, may cause sunburn, allergies, heat stroke, etc. So you need a shelter to help you prevent uv.


Umbrella born for prevent rain. Our umbrella was added water-resistant coating and it can be dry easily. Besides,using for rain has no bad effect on sun protection function.


An umbrella cannot protect you against wind. But our umbrella won’t be broken easily in the strong wind cause it has durable alloy structure and flexible fiberglass.


Mini Size:The mini size can help you save space.And make it easy to put in your pocket, purse, clutch, car storage, side bag on backpack.

Ultra Light: You can take it easily and won’t feel tired though during the long time trip. It also can fit kids.

Multi-colors: Everyone can choose the color you like. Some couples and lovers like black & white, some young girl like pink, kids may need yellow cause this color is bright enough and you can easy to find your kids in crowd, and lots of people like blue.

Product Features

  • TRAVEL SIZE UMBRELLA: It is compact umbrella and will be small & slim when folding but normal size canopy when open which fits one person. Easy to put in your backpack or purse. Best choice for travel.
  • WINDPROOF STRUCTURE: Reinforced alloy frame, light but sturdy. Polygon design for stem which is stronger than round one. The last section of rib is made of fiberglass which can be bended 180°so it won’t be broken easily by wind.
  • ULTRA SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT: The normal umbrella is round but this one is flat umbrella which is thinner than the round one and save more space. Can be put in purse, backpack, clutch, pocket, car. Weighs only 7 oz, also fits for kids.
  • SUN UMBRELLA UV PROTECTION: There is vinyl added into canopy. UPF 50+, UV Resistance 99%. You can take it in rainy day as well as for anti- sunrays. Protect you against sunburn if you forget your sunhat.
  • 3 MONTH REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: Any questions, contact us any time. We will send you a replacement free if something wrong with your umbrella within 3 months and no need to return the wrong one.

CHECK IT OUT – great price and lots of good reviews!

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  1. Andrew Young

    Rugged, tiny, reliable in the sun, wind, & rain. A very durable and tiny umbrella. I’ve been using it for several months now.There are a bunch of other brands that sell ones that look the same, but this one I can confirm is built tough. True story: I bought this because my friend had purchased a gold-colored one made by another company. And while they LOOK nearly identical, we were both walking outside in 15-20 mph wind and his *snappp!* broke a spine (near the tip, where these are all plastic for flexibility). Mine survived just…

  2. Mumsy

    Terrible quality – literally one time use! 🙁 UPDATE!Literally broke the first day! One of the metal arms snapped when I opened the umbrella…. hmmm. I would have returned it, but I was using it while out of town and did not want to haul it back with me. Save yourself some money and just buy one from the dollar store.Lightweight, but cheap feeling… and it smells like a skunk :/ I would be surprised if it stayed put together in more than a light breeze.. I ordered this because it was supposed to be lightweight and…

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