Standard .85mm wall thickness butyl tube.

Product Features

  • Tire Size: 26-Inch, Tire Width: 1.9-2.125-Inch, Tube Material: Butyl
  • Tube Valve Length: 33 millimeter, Valve Style: Presta (threaded), Valve Style: Presta


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  1. Steven R. Pocock

    Sunlite Tubes… “by Kenda”… whatever that means. Should not be sold as Kenda tubes. They are Sunlite,by Kenda. If they were marketed that way, you’d know what you were getting. Bait and switch. Careful! First of 3 had a pinhole before even installing. Not sure what the gimmick here is, but be warned. To be precise, this is what I received from Dave n Mark’s who fulfilled the order. I e-mailed them and they insisted that the tubes were “Kenda Tubes” as marked on the tube. What the tube actually says is “Sunlite by kenda”…

  2. Anonymous

    The photo lies. It clearly shows one of those nice metal rings on the stem that can be used to anchor the stem to the wheel so that under low pressure the stem still easily stays accessible and you don’t have to hold it in place. This is very nice, but it is false advertising — this is a different tube with no ring and with no room to put one on.Also, while I haven’t had a chance to try these tubes yet, upon receiving it I recognized the packaging — I’ve bought Kenda before and…

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