Extension tubes are designed to enable a lens to focus closer than its normal set minimum focusing distance. Getting closer has the effect of magnifying your subject (making it appear larger in the viewfinder and in your pictures). They are exceptionally useful for macro photography, enabling you to convert almost any lens into a macro lens at a fraction of the cost while maintaining its original optical quality. The extension tubes have no optics. They are mounted in between the camera body and lens to create more distance between the lens and film plane. By moving the lens father away from the film or CCD sensor in the camera, the lens is forced to focus much closer than normal. The greater the length of the extension tube, the closer the lens can focus. The KENKO AUTO EXTENSION TUBE SET contains three tubes of different length, a 12 mm, 20 mm, and 36 mm, which can be used individually or in any combination to obtain the desired magnification. Kenko also makes a UNITUBE 12 mm or 25 mm which can be purchased individually. Kenko’s Auto Focus extension tubes are designed with all the circuitry and mechanical coupling to maintain auto focus and TTL auto exposure with most Nikon lenses given there is enough light to activate the cameras AF system properly. Please Note; 1. When using extension tubes the lens will not focus to infinity. The focus range will be greatly limited to a very close focusing distance. 2. There is light fall of

Product Features

  • Designed to enable a lens to focus closer than its normal set
  • Very Useful for Macro Photography
  • The Extension Tubes have no optics
  • Focus Closer to the objects you see and enjoy the feel of photography
  • Auto Extension Tube Set for the Nikon AF Mount


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  1. Anonymous

    Works great with long lenses I find that the Kenko Extension tubes work as described. I originally purchased the Canon version of the extension tubes but found the 12mm not useful enough to keep at the price I paid for it. I then purchased the Kenko version and really cannot tell any difference in build quality from the Canon version. Since my use of these tubes is a little different than most, I wanted to share my experience in case someone else had the same thoughts and concerns. While I do use these tubes on my 50mm…

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome tubes! You will be able to get super close to your subjects but focus is very sensitive -use a tripod & remote shutter I am a serious hobbyist photographer. I have never made a full-time living doing photography (but I have had sporadic periods of good part-time/freelance income). I currently shoot on a Canon 6D and this is my first foray into macro photography. I first started with magnification filters, but I could not figure out how to get tack-sharp focus with them. They did enlarge nicely so the blur could have been user error. Anyway, I read about extension tubes while trying to research my blur…

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