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Best friends are cats

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  1. Anonymous

    Nonstop Workout with Lots of Variety A friend wanted me to try this in comparison to my kickboxing routines at the boxing gym. It’s fairly simple, but there is no technique, so don’t think you are actually learning any kickboxing. This is a simple cardio workout with moves that resemble kickboxing. You most certainly don’t need hand wraps for punching air, those girls are wearing them for looks only, I am sure most know that already. Most of the their moves were wrong in technique so don’t follow them at all, you’ll get hurt. For…

  2. Anonymous

    Enjoyable workout! If you want an intermediate level workout that lasts longer than the current wimpy 20 or 30-minute ones…this is for you! If you want to be shown Perfect Form in kickboxing, this is certainly for you, as Guillermo Gomez is a Sensei, a martial arts Master. If you like lots of variety, you’ve come to the right place. There are sequential segments that are chained together throughout the workout, but these are broken up about every 20 minutes by total changes in form. But all the work is done…

  3. Anonymous

    I rented this recently as I was on vacation and downloaded it onto my Kindle to work out in my hotel room. Per his usual, Guillermo gives great instruction and cueing throughout, so a preview of the workout isn’t needed. I pleasantly surprised that I was not bored, even though he does do quite a few reps for each segment. This might be due to the decent music (which is rare in most workout dvds!) and Guillermo himself is very likeable. I would give this a beginner though intermediate…

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