Why you need a Night Vision System?
According to the European Commission for the Automotive Industry, 50% of the accidents occur at night. A majority of the road accidents that happen at night occur due to poor visibility

Why Should You Choose LANMODO Car Night Vision System?
1.Multi-function,can turn into portable night vision device.
2.One Fifth Cost of In-built Night Vision System;
3.8.2″ HD Screen 1080P with Full Color Image;
4.Night View Distance up to 300M;
5.Portable,easy to use and install;

1.The LANMODO car night vision system focuses on keeping safe driving,not including recording,parking guard,motion detect.
2.When the oncoming lights are brighter than that of your environment,NVS will show temporary white image,which is normal.
3.When visibility is down to 5 meters in foggy weather,NVS performance will be impacted.
4.NVS is a driving assistant system,which cannot completely replace human observation.
5.You should buy a 24V to 12V voltage converter if your automobile output voltage is 24V.
6. It is normal that the NVS’ body temperature will rise when it works.

Product Features

  • 1080P and Full-color Image:LANMODO automotive night vision system is equipped with 8.2” IPS screen and presents 1080P HD image, providing better visual effects that are friendly to your eyes,helping judge the road conditions quickly when driving.
  • Wide-angle Vision,Long Distance View:LANMODO car night vision system is of 36° HD wide-angle vision, presenting a broader view of the road,night vision distance extends up to 300m, drivers will know the road situation in advance take measures and avoid accidents.
  • Designed for Various Driver-Unfriendly Situations:Lots of traffic accidents happen during night, heavy rain and other bad conditions because of poor visibility, Lanmodo vehicle night vision system can reflect clearly the road situation in such situations and help drivers obtain a better control for car driving security.
  • Applicable to Any Car Model: Lanmodo car night vision system is suitable to all car models with cigarette lighter. Especially for truck and coach drivers, night driving is almost inevitable, which is dangerous and concerns their family members, Lanmodo automobile night vision system helps keep drivers safe all along the way.
  • Multi-Function: LANMODO car night vision system will turn into a portable night vision device with an additional 12V battery and can be used for Camping,Hunting,Fishing,Boating…..

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  1. Anonymous

    It would probably make a difference if you have low power headlights When I received this item I was so happy that I couldn’t wait to try it out. It was agony waiting for the darkness to arrive. I tried it that evening and boy was I disappointed. I understand the premise of the technology in that the sensor is just amplifying any available light. So oncoming cars makes the system useless, any lights such as street lights, traffic lights, etc. make it useless while in view. But also any reflective surface if you have very strong lights.My last…

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome Product!!! After receiving the product I was first amazed by the beautiful 1080p 8.2 inch screen. After taking the night vision out of the package I was happy to see if came with the two different mounting systems it described and an option for a rear camera, which is super handy to have. I decided to test it out at night and it really did an amazing job capturing a very clean, lit up, image that made driving at night feel much safer. I would highly recommend…

  3. Anonymous

    Helpful for driving at night This Lanmodo night vision is definitely awesome! The road conditions are really clear on its screen in full-color image, now it’s much safer and comfortable for me when driving at night. Actually, since often drive at night, I once have a dash cam which claims to help safe driving at night with quality night vision, while it is not, the image is in black-and-white and totally unclear at night. It seems this Lanmodo night vision camera can be also used in rainy days, I am looking forward to…

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