This DVD comes with a yellow fit cuff.

Product Features

  • Includes the cuff for legs for strength portion of DVD.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love it! This is my go to video. When i feel im to tired for the gym or if im under the weather but need a work out I always go to this video. I started at 250lbs and withthis video I was able to get down to 220lbs then I was able to run and got to the gym because i felt so much lighter! Now down to 170lbs and this is my second time ordering the same video. My first copy i bought in 2007 or 2008 and it got scrtached so I decided to get it again! U can start off with one mile if u want! The bands and…

  2. Anonymous

    Tubing material is poor quality! I really like the firming portion of the video. It gives a good lower body workout. The frustrating thing is that the tubing that runs through the cuffs keep breaking, and of course it was after I could return it. This is my second set. The first one lasted at least a year, but the second set I bought only made it a couple of months. It would also be helpful to just be able to replace cuffs or tubing without buying the whole kit. I have been looking for a similar type of tubing to replace…

  3. Anonymous

    A good walk-out from Leslie I like this relatively new one from Leslie Sansone. It’s her alone, doing a 1/2 hour two-mile walk (not “boosted”), and it’s a nice, solid intense workout without being too jarring on the body. The production values are on the more professional side, and not super-intrusive, although I’ve noticed this one is auto-play on my DVD player, so keep an eye on it when you’re putting your shoes on. The music is perky, but I recognize some of it from other tapes. There’s a twenty minute firming for…

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