High quality, light weight, uniquely designed, (patented) dual purpose travel aid that allows the user to sit in a coach class seating environment and rest while sitting up or use as a lumbar/back rest while reading or watching a movie. This product is best for long flights where head-bobbing and back ache remedies are not available through conventional means. RETURNS: Since the product is orally inflated, it is like that of a toothbrush, we will replace manufacturing defects but cannot take back a unit that has been orally inflated.

Product Features

  • PATENTED DESIGN Finally comfort in coach seating – Supports head and neck in sitting position – No more “head bobbing”
  • UNIQUE VALVES Small red valves can be pulled open by using your teeth – Inflate with a few breaths of air – Close valve by pushing against your it with your teeth – Fingers not necessary
  • VENTED Infinitely adjustable for firmness – Place chin above Velcro attachment and adjust for your face width
  • PRIVACY Conceals your face while resting – Operates independently of surrounding travelers – Reclining seat in front of you makes no difference- Made of high quality latex free flocked vinyl – Reusable – Stows easily
  • “This product LOOKS different because It IS different – IT WORKS!”

CHECK IT OUT – great price and lots of good reviews!

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  1. Jeremiah Toller

    Multi-use and worked like a charm! I am extremely satisfied with this travel pillow and have a lot to say about it.For years I have been trying to find something to help me get comfortable on flights and nothing so far has worked. When I saw the Little Cloud 9, I was intrigued by how different it looked than most travel pillows and was soon impressed by the simplicity of its concept. It doesn’t require a tray table to rest on, you simply put it in your lap and basically hug it while you rest upon it. It only takes…

  2. Augustien S.

    The greater disappointment is that I couldn’t ship the merchandise back because … To Little Cloud Nine and prospective buyers,I bought this product only two months ago for the plane ride on my month-long international trip when the mouthpiece broke off into an irreplaceable condition as I attempted to inflate it for the first time.The greater disappointment is that I couldn’t ship the merchandise back because I was overseas or make a complaint; and now that I just returned, the return date had passed…

  3. Amazon Customer

    Stomach sleepers alert: it really does work! My husband and I were skeptical, especially as there weren’t a lot of helpful reviews of this item. We travel a lot, and are both forward, stomach sleepers, so it is very difficult for us to sleep on planes. Neck pillows don’t cut it. We were preparing for a flight to Thailand and decided to give this contraption a try. The truth is, I didn’t use mine since I can often sleep on the tray, but my husband who is 6 feet 200 pounds used his and slept the entire way from the US to Asia. He has…

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