Marathon’s Travel Alarm Clock with Auto Night Light Feature features an automatic or manual (user selectable) backlight display which activates in low light settings. This clock automatically sets and adjusts time, day and date – remaining accurate at all time. Displays time in 12 or 24-hour formats. Features 6 time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic or Newfoundland), one-touch glow display, indoor temperature display and an extra loud alarm. Displays in 5 languages (user selectable): English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Product Features

  • COMPACT SIZE: Measuring in at 3.25Ó x 0.5Ó x 2.75Ó, our atomic clock is great for travel
  • MULTIPLE TIME ZONES: You can easily switch between 6 time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic & Newfoundland)
  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: Choose from 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian & Spanish)
  • AUTOMATIC BACKLIGHT: Uses a built in light sensor to detect if the clock has been placed in a dark environment, the backlight can also be manually operated
  • SELF SETTING: Multifunction display is self-setting and self-adjusting

CHECK IT OUT – great price and lots of good reviews!

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  1. siedkick

    Exactly What I Was Looking For I normally like to spend a little time with a product before posting a review but, upon opening the box, I am so impressed with this little jewel that I can’t wait. If time proves me wrong, I will come back and update.I do a lot of travelling. Hotel clocks are a source of frustration for me that goes something like this:1) Figure out how to set the time.2) Set the time.3) Figure out how to set the alarm time.4) Set the alarm time.5) Figure out…

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