From bestselling fitness author Mark Lauren:

Use nothing but your own body, some floor space, and 30 new bodyweight exercises that accurately mimic practical day-to-day movements and, therefore, engage many muscles at once. Your body and performance will transform faster than ever before! This 3 DVD workout has three levels of difficulty- Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced, providing total-body workouts which make use of systematic changes in training intensity and volume to keep you challenged at just the right level. The program ensures the best body of your life, injury free. Internationally bestselling fitness expert and trainer of the US Special Operations community’s most elite troops, Mark Lauren, has created short, incredibly convenient workouts that simultaneously build functional strength and endurance while burning fat.

Stop wasting time and money on gyms, gadgets, and other inferior methods of training. They are all poor substitutes for the world’s most advanced fitness machine- your own body!

“As a chiropractor and posture expert, I highly recommend Mark Lauren’s training. Mark’s clear exercise demonstrations and explanations get you into proper alignment, and during the intense training, his coaching keeps you there!

Movement is Life; Proper Movement is a Healthy Life.”

-Dr. Jarret Cullens D.C.

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Product Features

  • 30 orthopedically correct and functional exercises
  • 9 Quick total-body workouts
  • 3 DVD system has three levels of difficulty- Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • From bestselling fitness author Mark Lauren
  • A comprehensive and safe fitness plan

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I love to work out and I am always looking for … This is the third Mark Lauren DVD set I have purchased. I love to work out and I am always looking for something different. I frequent the gym and enjoy many outdoor workout activities. I like to have workouts I can do on the go, or if I am limited on time. I have tried many Beach Body DVD’s, including P90X, Insanity, T25, and several others. These workouts are by far my favorite. The workouts are challenging and do not require any equipment aside from an exercise mat. After years of…

  2. Michael Hall

    This set has been a great supplement to everything else I have been doing to … This set has been a great supplement to everything else I have been doing to lose 40 pounds and lower my BMI by 10% over the past 4 months. I bought the book a year ago,but really needed some additional guidance. In the DVDs, Mark Lauren not only provides enough variety to keep things interesting, but does so in a concise structured presentation that requires only 25-35 minutes per workout. He recommends 3 workouts per week, with a rest day in between. I have found that my results have been…

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