Exercise DVD set. Does NOT come with any exercise equipment. Released in 2011

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  1. Tamara

    I’m totally sold on the MaxT3 workout plan!! I was introduced to this program last year and was amazed at the results it yielded when working out only 2 times per week. I was so impressed that I purchased this workout program and am now doing the suggested 12 minute a day workout rotating between my core, lower and upper exercises daily.What is amazing about this workout is it yields not only the desired strengthening, toning and firming results; it is very low impact. Thus, if people suffer from pain associated with…

  2. Shawn

    Simple and effective way to start HIIT training. I’m giving it four just because I didn’t realize you needed a small gym in order to do all the workouts. You need a pull up bar, dumbbells or resistance bands, a big inflatable ball, etc. I’m making it work without some of those things but getting the hamstring workout is difficult without the ball.Other than that, the workouts are good. I normally do focus T-25 and insanity but I wanted some more variations. For these DVD’s you can go more than 12 minutes if you want. Also, you…

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