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Rainleaf Microfiber Towel
Our travel towel is fast drying itself while it can dry you fast too as it’s super absorbent. With its lightweight & compact, it can make your trip easier as a journey towel. As our microfiber towel is anti-bacterial, it’ll stay fresh and keep odor & germ away.
A breathable mesh carrying bag is included to help you pack towel well. With a hang snap loop, your towel is easily put away while you don’t worry it is blown away by wind. Corner Zip Pocket (40 x 70 inches) helps you to keep your valuables safe, such as cellphone, keys.

– It is suggested to wash your towel before first use. Wash separately the first 2-3 times as color may bleed. Do not bleach.
– We’d spare no effort to provide better products and customer service. And we won’t do it good enough without your feedback.
– If you have any question about our products please feel free to get in touch, and we’ll do everything to sort them out for you.

– Microfiber Towel 12 x 24 inches
– Microfiber Towel 16 x 32 inches
– Microfiber Towel 20 x 40 inches
– Microfiber Towel 24 x 48 inches
– Microfiber Towel 30 x 60 inches
– Microfiber Towel 40 x 72 inches

Product Features

  • FAST DRYING – much comfortable for next use & convenient to pack. SUPER ABSORBENT – capable of repeat use in short time & dry you fast. BEAUTIFUL COLOR – much suitable for multi use daily.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL – keep your towel fresh and away from mildew & germ. SKIN FRIENDLY – remarkable soft suede like feel on your skin and face.
  • ULTRA COMPACT & LIGHT WEIGHT – easy to carry and space saving. HANG SNAP LOOP – practical & easy to hang anywhere and dry. CARRY BAG – reusable and waterproof.
  • With all the features of Rainleaf microfiber towel listed above, they can do their job well as travel towels or sports towels. Also they are ideal for beach, travel, camping, swimming, backpacking, gym.
  • It is suggested to wash your towel before first use, even it’s from Rainleaf. You can return the towel you buy from us for a replacement via Amazon if you experience any problem with our towel. Lifetime warranty.

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  1. Cool Hand Luke

    Excellent Travel Towel I purchased two medium (20×40 inch) towels for an international vacation. We were only using carry-on luggage and space was at a premium. We spent two weeks traveling using the towels every day. The towels do not feel like regular napped towels, but we grew use to its slick feel quickly. We hug the towels after use by its hanging loop and they were always dry by the next morning. They also did not get stinky or musty. The small carry bag seems useless, but it proved handy as it made the towel…

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