Designed by the wife of a gastrostomy patient who disliked the way G-Tubes were constantly being taped to her husband’s skin. Eliminating the need for clumsy pins and tape, the Nelmed G-Tube Holder is by far the most comfortable way to secure most enteral feeding tubes (PEGS, surgically placed G-tubes, Jejunostomy tubes and others). Increases patient’s ability for self-care and helps minimize the risk of “accidental pull-out” in combative patients or small children. NEL1920 Nelmed G-Tube Holder – 30″ – 45″

Product Features

  • MADE IN THE USA – This belt holder and protector is fastened with velcro. It eliminates the need for clumsy pins and tape, securing the tube in place, reducing the accidental pull out, skin irritation and hair pulling. It provides the most comfortable way to cover and secure all types of enteral feeding tubes.
  • Holds tube securely to abdomen, can be worn comfortably under clothing.
  • Easy to Clean and durable for long term use. Machine wash frequently with fasteners closed, using mild disinfectant. Hang Dry.
  • Designed to facilitate most enteral feeding systems (PEG tube, G tube, J tube (Jejunostomy) and more)
  • S/M 30″-45″ Latex Free


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  1. sundry

    Control and comfort I admit I ended up using this wrong, but it has worked so well for me! I didn’t put the Peg tube thru the hole in the back, as that was very uncomfortable for me. It felt like the tube was being pushed into my tummy! Instead I put the belt lower than where the tube comes out (across my belly button) and curl the excess tube into the pouch. The belt is comfortable (after I trimmed the loopy stuff on the edges that irritated me) and stays put under my clothes. As I shrank during treatment, so…

  2. DWallace

    Glad I found this Excellent solution to the problem of how to handle a feeding tube. I went through the usual progression mentioned here by others: the nasty tape holders provided by my doctors (uncomfortable to remove and hard on my skin), Ace bandage wrap (I tucked the end of the tube into it), and slipping the end into a belt loop on my pants (fine if you are content to wear your shirt tail out). This device secures the end of the tube that goes into my belly and holds the tube nicely coiled so you can dress…

  3. TD

    This was nice at first until my husband slept with it on This was nice at first until my husband slept with it on. It would shift during the night. This can also start an infection since no air can’t get to the peg sight and your body heat will cause moisture. We found the best thing to do is use old style gauze (3 1/2 3 1/2), cut half way into it and cut three very little slits at the end of the cut. After cleaning and drying the peg sight, put the gauze behind the peg stopper than put a little piece of medical tape on the slit on the gauze…

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