The Red Citrus Trailer Park is inhabited mostly by illegal laborers. But the steroid-powered park manager and his grotesquely muscular girlfriend want to sell the park for some easy money-and they’ll do whatever it takes to drive the residents out. Their problem is a young girl who the laborers believe talks to God. When the girl witnesses the manager dumping a corpse into a lake, he knows that she has to be silence permanently.

The girl’s only hope for survival: marine biologist Doc Ford, who must search through an underground nation, trek through wildlife, and defeat an assortment of bad guys…and hope he reaches her in time.

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  • Night Vision A Doc Ford Novel

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  1. TMStyles

    Not A Typical Doc Ford Effort Having read every Doc Ford novel, I am disappointed in “Night Vision”. I am not as jaded as other early reviewers but 3 stars is the lowest I have ever given a Doc Ford novel. Remember, an average Doc Ford read is better than many other writers’ better efforts. “Night Vision” has a great opening including a breath holding battle with a huge alligator that is trying to eat an elderly man. It concludes with an intense and deadly confrontation between Doc and a half dozen gang banger/bad guy…

  2. Doug

    Supremely Disappointed Writing from multiple points of view is tough.The first task is to create characters the reader will care about, either positively or negatively. Well-crafted nasty villains, after all, can be a hoot to read about.In Night Vision, Randy Wayne White not only fails that mission, but manages to diminish the presence of the series hero, Doc Ford and turn his usually intriguing supporting character, Tomlinson, into no more than a one-dimensional ride-along.Bad guys must have…

  3. DonzMom

    No Vision Normally I can’t wait to read one of Randy Wayne White’s outstanding novels and so I purchased this one the day it was released. I will not be so fast next time. White’s characters are so slimy you feel dirty just reading about them. His normal cast of characters is a salty but interesting group. Not so this time around. Also, the plot is entirely too dependent upon devices to move the text. In this case the device is a “saint” in the form of a young girl. It’s simply too much of a leap…

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