Brand Name: SOXICK
The founder Dick Wright set up the brand SOXICK in Munich Germany in 1989. The business started from the optics and once served the German army for its night vision optics.
With the increasing of night traffic accidents, SOXICK focused on the research and development of night-vision optics, which can gradually change its highest color resolution can reach 99.6%.
In this way, it weakens the dazzling harmful ray of car light, so that people can safely drive even under the exposure of traffic lights.


1.Pure handmade glasses.Suitable for everyone.Wear comfortable,57% lighter than traditional glass,Perfect for Night Driving & All outdoor activities,golf,running,sailing.
2.Get 10 Patents of Night Driving function,Effective against strong light and Enhance Driving Safety at night.
3.Anti-glare,Anti strong light,Anti-UV,Polarized light,SO118 International Anti-light standard.
4.Memorial plastic technology of USA, its density can reach 1.12-1.14, which up to the standard of third generation technology.

Why Do You Need Night Vision Glasses?

1.The glare will blind drivers for few seconds, anti glare safety glasses are important for safe driving.
2.Polarized sunglasses block the strong light and reduce reflections.
3.Yellow lens compensates necessary light for driving and improves night driving vision.

– SOXICK glasses will not cause your vision to be better at night than during the day.
– To avoid damage, never clean your sunglasses with paper towels or clothing, and also avoid using household detergents or soaps,just use clean water and included cloth.
– They are not designed to fit over prescription glasses.

If you have any problems in the future, Please contact us, We will provide you the best service!

Product Features

  • EXCELLENT NIGHT VISION-Reduce night driving glare and eye strain, enhance night vision, improve color clarity and optical definition, enable to see better when driving at night or cloudy, rainy days, making driving safer.
  • SUPERIOR WEARING FRAME- flexible arms to fit different face.The spring arms are available to stretch out for 10 degrees, which ensure the comfort of wearing and withstand fallen off.
  • THROUGH LAB STUDIES, by mirroring the light spectrum of the human eye, we are built our Yellow-Tinted Lenses to filter out harmful Blue Light, using yellow shades which cause the least stress on the eye. Disclaimer: SOXICK glasses do NOT provide an Instant Magical Solution and will not cause your vision to be better at night than during the day. Extended use is required in order to notice a change, and to enjoy the benefits provided by your SOXICK night vision glasses for driving.
  • BEST WISH GIFT-Specially Designed For Urban Fashion Men or Women.Nice gift package, making it a wonderful gift idea for your friend!
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE,LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY.-You have no risk to try. Choose us, choose safety. Your family is welcoming you driving home safely. Meanwhile we shall remind you the properly high beam using for the drivers facing you may not wear our Night Vision Driving Glasses yet.

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  1. Anonymous

    WOW – What A Difference! These Soxick glasses are amazing! First of all I was blown away by the packaging. They came in a very heavy expensive looking box when opened, had a beautiful velvet case holding the glasses, and a cleaning cloth as well. Would make the perfect gift that looks much more costly than they are. I have had a hard time driving at night because of the glare I experience where headlights just seem too bright coming toward me and becomes a blur. These glasses reduced the glare to the proper…

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