One-handed operation…
Due to its small size and simple button layout, the 81R is a breeze to use, with only one hand. Switch it on, hold it up to your eye, and you’re off – into the night.

…Many handy features.
As well as being able to record footage, the 81R’s menu is highly customizable. For example, other night vision devices have bright screens that damage your own eye’s natural night vision. It’s easy to adjust the brightness setting on the 81R’s LCD screen, and your chosen brightness level will even be remembered after switching the device off.

Pocket sized and powerful.
On the pocket-sized Nightfox 81R, there are seven levels of IR (1.5W 850nm) to illuminate even the darkest surroundings: the maximum viewing range is 165yd at night, depending on ambient light levels. 7x magnification and 2x digital zoom will help you pick out your mark on the clear screen.

Record & playback.
View your recorded files directly on the device, or quickly and easily transfer your photo and video files by SD card or USB cable to watch at home or share with others.

Nightfox guaranteed.
The Nightfox 81R weighs just 0.6 lbs, but its tough casing and long battery life (2hrs on max IR, 5hrs with IR off), make it a reliable little unit. It also comes with a Nightfox 18 month warranty, and speedy Nightfox product support – by email or phone call – to guarantee you many rewarding night-time adventures.

Please note: The unit requires four AA batteries (either alkaline or rechargeable Ni-MH) and, for recording, a Class 10 Micro SD Card.

Product Features

  • A powerful and easy to use night vision device
  • 7 levels of infrared illumination, viewing range of 110-165yd at night. 7x magnification and 2x digital zoom.
  • Record photos and videos, play back files on the device, or transfer by USB (micro SD memory card required).
  • Weighs just 0.6 lbs (excluding batteries; 4x AA required). Battery life of 2hrs on maximum IR, or 5hrs with the IR off.
  • Nightfox 18 month warranty, and fast, helpful product support from our HQ.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice infrared camera What you should know:This is an infrared camera, not night vision like the military uses. It’s basically a camera with the IR filter removed. This means it’s basically useless without using the built in infrared light or an infrared flashlight.It has lots of zoom, so not so useful for viewing things nearby or walking around.What I like:The built in infrared light is pretty good compared to 5W infrared zoom 850nm…

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing for the price I was leery of this given the price and zero reviews. In my mind the worst option was having to ship it back. Here’s what I have to say. The night vision and optics are far better than I expected. You can see definition in plants at well over a hundred yards. Set up was easier than an xbox remote. Great simple affordable product. The only disappointment was zero optical zoom and only 2× digital. For the price it’s amazing. Military grade no but for$100 I’m happy it’s functional let…

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