The Nozlen Expanding Document Tube Model DT3001 expands from 24.5″ to 40″ with 21 adjustable locking positions in 3/4″ increments. This Black tube now has a longer shoulder strap. The strap is long enough to use even when the poster tube is fully extended. This telescoping tube is great for poster collectors, artists, draftsman, use on job sites, for students and professionals. The screw on end cap makes storing and removing documents very simple. The removable lid cap allows you to store your contact information or tube storage details for easy identification. The screw on cap with a tight seal makes the Nozlen Document Tube both water and light resistant. This tube is made out of a very durable plastic, and is not “flimsy” in any way. The document tube is perfect for posters, art work, drawings, blueprints, maps, arrows, large photos, vintage posters, etc.

Product Features

  • Affordable, Black Plastic Telescoping Document Poster Tube with 3.5″ diameter that expands from 24.5″ up to 40″ is ideal for artists, architects, and poster collectors
  • Poster Tube is made of a very rigid plastic to protect contents from bending or creasing in transit. Tube is also water and light resistant, protects materials against fading from exposure to sun light
  • Now includes an Extra Long Shoulder Strap that is comfortable for use even when the tube is fully extended
  • Twist off, threaded lid with contact card for easy labeling of tube’s contents
  • Storage tube has unlimited uses, such as storage for: posters, blue prints, maps, documents, large photo prints, drawings, artwork, arrows, fishing rods, drum sticks, or whatever else you can imagine


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  1. bluemax_1

    Could be better A few design changes could make this better.First off, as other reviewers have mentioned, the tube does have a small lip which can (does) snag the outermost document/poster in the tube as it’s being extracted.Secondly, the length adjustment design produces bulges on the inside of the tube so it’s not a smooth cylinder on the inside.If you’re only putting one or two things inside, you could take extra care that they aren’t damaged on insertion or…

  2. Michael M

    Great product, and makes a great fishing rod travel case! I was looking for tube to transport my fishing rod in, and this tube worked very well for my purpose. I was able to get three 2 piece spin fishing rods in the tube, along with one multi-piece flyrod into the case with it being extended approximately 3/4 of the maximum length.toThe tube functioned as my carry-on for an airline flight, and also served to protect the rods while in the bed of a pickup truck with other outdoor equipment.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this…

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