Product Features:
5 Mega Pixels Color CMOS sensor
1.44″ 128*128 dot TFT-LCD Display
28pcs infrared LEDs with detection range of 50 feet
Full automatic IR Filter
Low power consumption, 6 months standby time
PIR sensor angle: 45 degree
Interval time is 10S (10S as default),The interval time can be setup via the TXT file
Trigger speed: ~1s
Easy operation system
With built-in MIC
USB 2.0 and TV-OUT function
Waterproof rating: IP54

Setup interval time, video via the TIMESYNC.TXT file
TIMESYNC.TXT setup instructions
After connecting the camera to PC, Create a TIMESYNC.TXT file under the root directory of the micro SD card.
1. Document name: TIMESYNC.TXT – stored in the root directory of the micro SD card.
2. Format style: [**/**/**space**:**:**space*space*space***space**:**space**:**,For example:[16/08/13 17:10:05 2 Y V 10S ], please be noted that all letters should be capitalized. The order and position of each letter or digit cannot be disturbed.
3. Description in details of the above examples.
16: Year
08: Month
13: Day
17: Hour
10: Minute
05: second;
2: 720p(1: 1080p)
Y: with time stamp;
V: Working model is in “video” mode ; (C: Working model is in “camera” (Photo) mode;)
10S: Interval is 10S; (10S as default)

Setting item description:
Date and time:Year/Month/Day hours, minutes, seconds(eg:16/08/13 17:10:05);
Time stamp:
Y: with time stamp;(default)
N: without time stamp;
Working model:

The setting options would be setup in the system after starting up. Then the TIMESYNC.TXT file will be deleted from the micro SD card automatically to prevent “resetting” everytime when you power on the camera. New TIMESYNC.TXT file should be created if you need to reset the settings. (Making a TIMESYNC.TXT file backup is suggested.)

Product Features

  • 5 Mega Pixels Color CMOS sensor
  • 28pcs infrared LEDs with detection range of 50 feet
  • PIR sensor angle: 45 degree
  • Setup interval time£¬ video via the TIMESYNC.TXT file
  • This Backyard Scout Camera. It is a multipurpose camera product which is good for home surveillance, outdoor hunting, or even used as an ordinary digital camera. Based on its covert, waterproof and dust-proof design, it can be trigged by sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving person or game in a region, which is detected by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor, and then take pictures or video clips automatically in the day / night.


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