The TRUTH® Cam Ultra 35 is “Simple to Use”, Ultra Reliable & Affordable!

All TRUTH® Cam Ultras use simple sliding switches that allow you to select between photo, video, or HD time lapse photos. The Early Detect Sensor has a 45° PIR sensor that picks up motion earlier, so you don’t miss what is walking in front of your camera.The TRUTH® Cam Ultras are super compact at just 3. 875”w X 5.25”h X 2.5”d.


  • 9 months battery life
  • Captures photos, video and HD time lapse
  • Video mode records audio
  • 40 ft night range
  • 1 second trigger speed
  • 35 LEDs
  • Camo LED filter technology
  • 4 megapixels
  • 1 year warranty

About Primos

Ask any hunter who makes the best game calls and chances are you’ll hear the name Primos. Everything Primos does, they do exceptionally well. Today Primos Hunting Calls has over 120 employees, and manufactures around 620 products. These products include calls, videos, clothing and hunting accessories for turkey, elk, waterfowl, deer and predator. The company holds 26 patents and numerous trademarks, which the company’s patent attorneys – all committed bow hunters – protect aggressively. Each year new products are added to the line, and each year Primos maintains the hallmark that defines them: quality.

New for 2013: Model No. 63013

Product Features

  • Capture mode toggles gives you the option of stunning 4 megapixel photos, HD Time Lapse, or video with audio record
  • Early Detect 45-degree PIR sensor picks up motion earlier
  • 40-foot night range using 35 LEDs that feature Camo LED filter technology
  • 1-second trigger speed
  • 9-month battery life on 8 AA batteries (sold separately); one-year warranty


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  1. Olzab

    Works great, amazing at the price Update 11/18/14 – Still working great, the camera’s been sitting outside every night for over a 15 months now, faithfully capturing away. I got bobcats and raccoons this month, wish I could share them with you here, but amazon won’t let me get the new pics into this old review for some reason. If you search the net for bretscrittervids you can see lots of wildlife videos it took, plus the time-lapse videos it also creates that we used to document construction. Original review about 8/7/13 -…


    Good, with caveats…..just make sure you know about the visible LED’s at night….great battery life, good images. This was my first attempt with a trail cam, and it is being used for surveillance at my house. I like the size, smaller than I expected. It runs on 8 AA batteries, which is handy vs. C sized batteries. There are different options for pics vs. videos, vs. time lapse, but in the end, it is an okay product for what I wanted it to do. There are some things to know about this though, and while not deal breakers, they may be for you.The IR lights, while very effective, do give off a…

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