Protrax was founded by a couple of power sports enthusiasts who ride on what they sell. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you. Don’t settle for a cheaply made tube and risk having a flat tire.

The reason our tubes exceed expectations and blow any 4mm tube out of the water is:

1. Our tubes are made from a mix of natural rubber and butyl rubber, known for durability.
2. Our tubes are designed for motocross and to endure trail rides and challenging roads.
3. Our tubes are thick enough to last without adding excess weight to your bike.
4. We manufactured the tubes by our standards, and we ride with them ourselves.
Try Protrax today and say goodbye to carrying flat tire kits and spares. Add to cart risk-free.

Pro Tip:

If you change the tube yourself remember:
– Install with baby powder when the tube is partially inflated to avoid twists, kinks, and wrinkles.
– Use tire spoons.
– Inflate and deflate partially multiple times before reaching full factory recommended pressure.
– make sure when you are re-seating the tire after the new tube is inside that you fully seat one side
of the tire on the rim before trying to get the last side on.

Product Features

  • ✅MADE FROM PREMIUM MATERIALS- Protrax super thick inner tube is a blend of natural and butyl rubber. Butyl rubber is the perfect choice because it’s great for shock absorption and has exceptionally resistant to heat, aging, puncture, and weather. The rubber is twice as thick as OEM tubes to help resist punctures and pinch flats. These inner tire tubes are designed to last.
  • ✅MAXIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE- Finally a tire tube you can rely on. All levels of riders covered, from the amateur racers reaching for pro status, to the weekend trail rider who is just out having fun with his kids. No matter if you are riding on the highway or driving over rocks, tree stumps, gravel, and ditches, these tubes are reliable.
  • ✅ADVANCED TECH & STRONG FABRICATION- These tubes are designed to hold the valve step powerfully to the tube. Every inch of these tubes is made using the finest materials and advanced technology, considering the endurance and performance expected. Using Protrax tire innertubes will decrease your chance of getting a flat tire so quickly.
  • ✅OPTIMAL THICKNESS & COMPATIBILITY- The tubes are 3mm thick 2.75-3.00 x 21 inch and fits: 2.75-21″, 3.00-21, 90/90-21, 70/100-21, 80/100-21, 100/80-21. We know other brands offer 4mm tubes, but from our experience, they are too stiff, not flexible, and weights and limits the motor cycle. For the ultimate riding experience try our tubes, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • ✅YOUR SATISFACTION AND SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY- Protrax strives to bring you products that merge quality and value in every conceivable way. If you are not 100% satisfied with the tire tubes, we will give you a full refund or a free exchange no questions asked. We have a 30-day warranty. Please contact us directly and we will gladly assist.


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