The Edge GS 1×20 is primarily designed for use as night vision goggles (the device can also be mounted on a Head Mount included in the box). The Edge GS 1×20 NV Goggles is equipped with an energy-conserving IR Illuminator with adjustable power. IR power adjustment wheel and other control elements are located on top of the device. At the core of the Edge GS 1×20 NV Goggles is a unique combination of specially designed optics, CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube, and wide-angled five-lens eyepiece which provides lack of distortion and the highest edge-to-edge resolution performance.

Product Features

  • R-contact optical system
  • Multicoated lenses
  • High resolution through the field of view
  • Built-in automatic bright source protection
  • Built-in IR illuminator with variable power

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  1. D. Bradley

    These gen1 NVG are nice. The primary reason I chose these ones over … These gen1 NVG are nice. The primary reason I chose these ones over others similarly priced is that they use AA batteries. They are lightweight, fairly inexpensive for being binocular goggles.The only thing I don’t like about these are the headgear is extremely tight on my big noggin, even when the straps are adjusted to the loosest they can be.The IR illuminator is super bright, despite the fact that there is an adjustment for the brightness of the illuminator. I…

  2. Amazon Customer

    As gen 1 night vision go these are excellent. They perform very well and do exactly what …

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