Fun and fitness for kids jump rope and DVD promotes a healthy activity based lifestyle. This professional grade adjustable jump rope comes with a great DVD, featuring five time world champion – Rene bibaud as the instructor, motivator, and guide.

Product Features

  • Jump rope 8 foot length
  • Comprehensive and fun DVD instruction provided by world renown Rene` bibaud!
  • Instruction includes from beginner thru advanced (competition level), freestyle, and double Dutch

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  1. Anonymous

    A great DVD for keeping kids and adults active I purchased this for myself (I’m age 50) as a workout DVD because I remember how much fun jump-roping was as a kid, and I was currently bored with treadmills or other workout DVD’s. I really enjoy this DVD and trying out the various techniques and just having fun with it. A few cautions to keep in mind, though:1. If you plan to use it to jump rope with, be sure there is enough space in the area with a TV/DVD player where you plan to use it (so that you don’t swing the rope and…

  2. Anonymous

    Great activity for kids! I purchased this DVD to give my kids (boys ages 6 & 10; girl age 8) an additional summer activity to do outside at home, camping, and to take with them when we go on vacation. I also purchased one each of 6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft beaded ropes and two 16 ft ropes for up to double-dutch. All 3 kids are having a blast learning to jump rope and all the different ways and tricks (and some little challenges between them!) They watch the different moves on the video and then go out and try them. I’ve…

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