Liquid inside the tube seaks out and seals small puntures so you can keep riding

Product Features

  • Traditional US Schrader valve
  • Fits Tube size 700c X 35-48mm
  • Tubes comes with liquid sealant inside the tube
  • Designed to reduce flats due to punctures


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  1. Dennis Maeder

    Decent tube for hybrid bike. A self-sealing tube for my Schwinn Discover or Solitaire hybrid bikes with 700C wheels. Used with a new tire (Schwinn 700c X 38mm Comfort/Hybrid Tire With Kevlar) was uncomplicated. The tube comes complete with a Schrader valve and cap in a box.For those who care, the tube weighs in at about 9 oz.I bought a second as a spare for emergency use.This has been well-behaved on…

  2. 2A4Ever

    Holds air well & no flats yet! Bought a 28″ x 35mm hybrid bike for daily commutes of 3 miles, one way. Within two weeks my front tire’s inner tube received a 1cm long slit puncture (most likely due to the horrendous state of California roads). Bought this tube, as well as more durable tires (Schwinn 700c X 38mm Comfort/Hybrid Tire With Kevlar: ) and haven’t had a flat yet. Will update if I encounter any long-term problems due to poor quality, etc.Will update if I…

  3. Shane

    DO NOT BUY Update: forgot to add the fact that the tube is heavy on one side,when riding you physically have to push each time or else the wheel will lock up with the heavy side on the bottom. This developed a bulb which many other reviewers are complaining about. Secretly I’m waiting for the bulb to explode just to watch it get completely obliterated.Furious. The “self sealing” liquid on the inside is useless. The only thin it does is leak through the valve and seals it making it…

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